Videogram - Chris MacDonald will send a personalized video performance of your requested song

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Hello everyone. During my career like many entertainers I have been blessed to be a part of many special events including weddings,anniversaries,bachelorette parties,reunions,corporate parties,birthdays and memorials. Music connects us all. With all of our concerts, private events and parties postponed or canceled due to the corona-virus, I have been thinking of a way to keep performing the music that I love so much and help others that are feeling worried ,stressed and disappointed by having their normal life,celebrations and plans canceled in an instant. I'd like to maybe help in some small way emotionally bringing people together for even a moment of virtual connection during this time of required social distancing. So here is my idea:

If there is someone you know having a special occasion coming up ,someone that needs a word of encouragement, a message of love, or simple "hello I am thinking of you", why not send them a personally dedicated song video. Let me know the Elvis song you'd like and if I have the music track for it ,I will record a video singing the song live directly to the person including the special dedication from you.

I want to make the cost to record the personalized song dedication video affordable ,The cost will be $50. The song performance will not be pre-recorded . It will be done for your request specifically , a live recording of your dedication. I will say their name and your special message during the performance of the song, similar to what would be done if I was right there in person. Send someone a song and a smile. Sounds like fun to me. 

I know it's like a drop in the ocean in a sea of trouble but I hope other entertainers and musicians will do the same. Music truly connects us all.

Thank you very much for your support. Stay Safe. God Bless. We are all in this together. 



Cost of Videogram: $50.00 

You will receive a private YouTube video link to view and share and/or video download file.

Order below

1st - Select the outfit I will wear for the video either the 1950's White Blazer Outfit , The Movie Look with Red Jacket, The 1968 Comeback Black Leather outfit or the 1970's Concert White Fringe outfit 

2nd - Select the format you would like the video to be in . We can send a private youtube video link , a video file to download or both.

3rd - Give the title of the song you want me to sing ,who I will be singing it to and the special message you want me to say

4th - Please give the email address to send the private Youtube video link or video file to.

Elvis Era Outfit-images below
Video Format
Elvis Song -To? What message?
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Are you lonesome tonight performed live by Chris MacDonald Elvis 1950's era of show
Chris MacDonald tribute to 1950's Elvis look performing Blue Suede Shoes
Chris MacDonald in Elvis Movie Look Red Jacket
Chris MacDonald in 1968 Comeback Black Leather Look
Chris MacDonald in the 1970's Elvis in Concert White Fringe look